M&G Burnley Taxis

 M&G Blueline Burnley Taxis has grown progressively over the years and now includes cars of a higher calibre and performance.

With a reliable and dependable reputation, M&G Blueline Burnley Taxis are dedicated to providing clients with the best service available to them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
 We are proud of our fleet and all of our vehicles which are comprehensively checked to ensure fitness standards are maintained. We can accommodate large parties with group bookings or just that one special customer who is looking for that special VIP service, also within our fleet we have vehicles that can accommodate persons in wheelchairs. 

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M&G Blueline Burnley Taxis PSV & MiniBuses - Click for a Quote!

M&G Blueline Taxis has a large fleet of  Minibuses & coaches available for larger parties on that special night out, with our exstensive range of vehicles we can now cater for 9 to 16 passengers. 
Our PSV Minibuses are fully equipped with raised ramps for Wheelchair acessibility.

NOTE:    Makes, Models and Colours may vary from pictures shown, these are for guidance only.